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Healing Energy Nature Art – Steven D. Taylor – Photographic Artist

My art is about the power of the healing energy of nature,
exploration, and getting outdoors.∞

Do you love to decorate your home or office with beautiful and interesting art? being in nature? watching the sunrise or sunset? to travel? the 4 seasons of nature? the simple wonders of nature? to go hiking?

My images will evoke a deeper thought and relax you.

I infuse each image with healing energy.

Picture Something Beautiful© – in your home or office.

I have many ‘soul goals’ and it is my purest hope that I can also inspire and help heal millions of people across the world. 7

Flex – “He’s my friend till the very end!” I will love you forever! – Roan Mountain, TN

Steven D. Taylor - Photographic Artist

If you have ever felt the need to get away and re-connect with yourself and nature, the simple wonders of Appalachian Mountains is immense and exhilarating. Appalachian nature will inspire and heal anyone with it’s hidden secrets. Let’s celebrate and love together the scenic landscapes, plant life, mesmerizing clouds, beautiful mountains, breath-taking sunsets, winter wonderland and explore in all of her natural beauty.

From the fresh watered creeks to the quality air we breath and the lush grass growing beneath our feet, The healing energy of Appalachian nature is rejuvenating.

Blue Ridge Mountains, NC

I invite you to bring my art into your daily life.

Such a wonderful picture!
Charlie & Christine


I see a wolf howling. Another way it looks like a dragon coming up. Beautiful!
Williams Campbell
Appalachian Trail

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