Steven D. Taylor - Photographic Artist

I am a professional photographer, graphic artist, and webmaster. Connecting people deeply with nature through their subconscious and telling symbolic stories of the meaning behind images’ energy. ∞7∞

∞ Artist Statement

“My art is about the power of the healing energies of nature, exploration, and getting outdoors. I am officially coming out, publicly, that I have clinical chronic depression, PTSD, and anxiety.

My art is a representation of the therapeutic values and beauty that surround us everywhere. Proof that we don’t necessarily have to travel the world to find peace and tranquility. Evidence that we don’t need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to create unique art.

Each piece of my art has given me the power to combat my mental difficulties. These individual stories I openly share continue to help me live a longer and healthier lifestyle.

Imagery that converts mental pain to something positive is a coping mechanism. My spirit and soul have hurt since childhood. My art is medicine; I go to proactivity, painting in my mind, and discovering and photographing new places.

To care for the nature of the world. It’s what I love. It’s who I am. I want my audience to be right there with me and to ask questions.

The art of seeing is an extraordinary event we take for granted. I want to draw attention to others with mental illnesses, to get people to care. Hopefully, inspiring and encouraging others to tell a fantastic story.” ∞7∞

Steven D. Taylor – Photographic Artist